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Committee Report for 2011

As we have reported in the past, we raised $786,000 in our campaign – and have nearly completed the projects. The remainder of the work includes the finish work in the parish hall as described below, and repairing the Tiffany stained glass windows.
A summary of the current year activity follows:

Beginning Balance @ 1/1/11   209,989.00
  Contributions/sale of sandstone/light tubes 58,148.99
  Loans 75,000.00
  Advance from endowment 41,800.00
  Haley Estate 10,000.00
  From parish account (for floor) 9,561.82
  Interest 555.55
Total Receipts   195,066.36
Total Balance Available   405,055.36
  Danko (Contractor) 369,805.00
  B. Washburn (Archtiect) 8,858.50
  Dan's Plumbing and Heating 2,600.00
  Internal work 2,473.15
  Other 1,720.20
Bills paid   385,456.85
Ending Balance @ 12/31/11   19,598.51

The loans and advances will be paid back with a combination of the remainder of the pledge payments and the distribution of Ruth Haley’s bequest.  We expect that after those obligations have been met, there will be slightly more than $100,000 left for the windows.

This year the focus was on the parish hall expansion.  As we reported last year, we couldn’t afford to pay the contractor to do the entire project.  The tasks we took out of the contractor’s portion of the job were those items that the parish could do.  That included the interior finish work including putting up wall board and suspended ceiling, installing wiring, lighting, and the flooring except for the parish hall, doing the interior painting, and putting up the exterior siding and doing the landscaping.  The contractor decided to assist us with some of that work, and we got their help with about half of the siding, some of the wall board, and the electrician is finishing all of the electrical work for no additional payment.  The Lord has certainly provided this year!  In addition, the congregation has contributed additional funds and countless hours doing all the work to get the new spaces useable.  A special mention of and thank you to Tom Mac Mahon for his expert work on so many aspects of the project – siding, window trim, wallboard, painting the ceiling, making and installing base boards, to mention a few.  His skill shines through in all his work.

The western side of the building is the most complete – that includes the ADA bathrooms, two classrooms, expansion of the pantry, a new coat room, and at long last, the handicap lift between the parish hall level and the church level.  The parish hall has a new floor with in floor heat, the old radiators have been removed, and the walls have been repainted, - the ‘old’ parish hall has been rejuvenated.  The east side has been framed out, and for now, the spaces are being used as work space.  They will ultimately be a storage room and two more class/meeting rooms.

Last year we discussed taking a bridge loan through the Diocese because the project payments would outpace the receipt of pledge payments.  When that need became known, three people came forward and agreed to loan the church $25,000 each interest free.  The balance of the year’s needs were taken out of the endowment temporarily, in advance of continuing pledge payments and the distribution of the remainder of Ruth Haley’s bequest to the church.  (A partial distribution of her bequest was received last year.)

The other major project that was undertaken over the past fourteen months was further repair of the organ.  While the organ had undergone some work in 2009, it needed significant additional work as it lost notes and made unusual sounds when not expected.  The organ repairs were funded from the endowment, the partial distribution of the Haley bequest and gifts.

The committee would like to thank everyone in the parish who has had a role in the improvements the campaign has allowed us to do.