Community Supper

Trinity Church offers a Free Will Community Supper the 4th Thursday of each month*, including the summer months and has done so for more than a decade. The community at large has been very appreciative of our offerings and we have gained quite a following. The average number of diners has ranged from 50-75. Diners enjoy the fellowship and food and are quite taken with our Parish Hall views!

Thanks go to our parishioners for their generous support of  food, financial assistance and service to provide these dinners, as well as to our dinner guests who make contributions also. 

The success of this community venture depends on those who are willing to step out and help. We REALLY need a large base of helpers. To this end, we are seeking people who would chair/co-ordinate a monthly supper. The committee would be willing to train/assist anyone who would be willing to co-ordinate a dinner. If you have helped at all, you know how much fun it is and the joy returns to you times two! To volunteer, call Mary VanLeuven at (315) 265-7532 or (315) 244-0067.


* with the exception of Christmas, when the dinner is not on the 4th Thursday but on Christmas Eve, following our 5:00 p.m. family service and Christmas pageant. 

College and High School students receive Community Service Credit by helping serve and clean up.  All volunteers are welcome!