Missions Supported by Trinity Church

People Reaching People Inc.

Bishop Todd and Rev. Patsy McGregor - Madagascar

Bishop Todd and the Rev. Patsy McGregor, founders of the People Reaching People mission organization, began their missionary work in Madagascar in 1991.

  • They moved to Kenya in 2002, but returned to Madagascar after Bishop Todd's consecration as the first Bishop of Toliara on December 10th, 2006.
  • In 2009, the McGregors partnered with SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) and began their focus on evangelism, education and economic development.
  • They also work to train leaders that can serve churches in the new Diocese, which is about the size of Florida, as they work to grow the diocese by planting new churches.

Trinity Church led the effort to raise $20,500 to build a multi-purpose building in Mahaboaka, Toliara, Madagascar in support of Bp Todd and Rev Patsy McGregor's missionary efforts.  It will be a 2-3 room Primary School with a worship area at one end of the building.  We hope to start building in September and complete the structure around the end of this year. The McGregors have visited Trinity on several occasions, we are currently making plans for a visit in October, 2015.


Global Teams International - Madagascar

Akany Famonjena - An Orphanage in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Mary Sherwood has spent over 30 years serving God and His people overseas. She has 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren. Mary's first 7 years as a missionary were spent in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, where she taught at Selwyn College, the Anglican Church of Melanesia Secondary School, and at the "Sisters of the Church." Mary also assisted the Bishop and clergy with various spiritual renewal programs.

For over 20 years Mary has servied the people of Madagascar. She continues to be extremely involved with the Akany Famonjena orphanage and the Akany Tafita center, both of which, she founded. When home, her life and work are two-fold. She communicates with the Malagasy leadership by e-mail. Also, because both centers still depend greatly on funding from this side of the world, Mary continues to visit sponsor churches and groups in both Canada and the United States, encouraging continued support and inviting new churches to become part of the Madagascar sponsor team. 

Mary has made many vists to Trinity Church to discuss her mission the lastest was in May 2015.


  • Trinity also is connected to the diocese effort to partner with CMS Ireland and Bishop Justin Badi in Maridi, South Sudan.
  • Trinity also partners with  Helping Hands of Potsdam

Parishoners from Trinity Church also serve

  • On the Albany Diocese Mission Board of People Reaching People
  • Trustee - SAMS Mission Society (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders)

Support Trinity Church’s Mission Trips at CJ’s Recycling Center in Potsdam
When you bring your bottles and cans for recycling please tell the cashier before they start counting or you can just leave your bottles and they will do it later.  

Please tell them BEFORE YOU RECYCLE that it is for:  “Trinity Church Missions.” 
They will record on the sheet taped to the window the credit due for your recycling.  They will give us a check to be used toward our ongoing
mission trips. 

Thanks to all who are using this way to contribute!


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