Palm Sunday - Ransom for Many
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Delivered By
The Venerable Dr. Christopher A. Brown
Delivered On
March 24, 2013
Central Passage
Luke 22:14-23:49
The Passion of Our Lord Jesus According to Luke

hy was the blood that was shed for us, God’s most precious and glorious blood, this blood of the One who carried out the sacrifice and the One who was himself the sacrifice? Why was it poured out, and to whom was it offered? These are questions that echo within my mind.

If the death of Christ was a ransom paid to the Father, the question that arises is for what reason? We were not held captive by the Father. Surely it is evident that the Father accepts the sacrifice of Christ, not because he demands it, still less because he feels some need of it, but in order to carry forward his own purposed for the world. Humanity had to be brought back to like by the humanity of God. We had to be summoned to life by his Son.

Let the rest be adored in silence.

Nothing can equal the miracle of my salvation. A few drops of blood have set free the entire universe.

~Gregory of Nazianzus, 329-389