Albany Final Candidates for Bishop visit Trinity, August 16

ABOVE FROM LEFT: Revd. Geoffrey Ward, Revd. Jeremiah Williamson, Revd. Neal Longe
and Revd. Scott Garno share a quiet moment before being introduced. As we now know, the Bishop-Elect is
Revd. Jeremiah Williamson.

The event was well attended, and we await news of the election
of the Bishop following the Albany Bishop Convention September 5-10.

A Surprise Visit by the Oasis Chorale

Due to the flooding upending travel plans, the Anabaptist choir “Oasis Chorale” joined us for an impromptu concert on July 11. Despite the one-day notice, we had a sizeable crowd. They were just terrific, and despite the circumstances, we’re so grateful to have had the experience.

July 15, 2023 It’s hot! Even robin nestlings agree.
The nest is above the right-hand Church door

June 1, 2023 A doe gives birth behind the Church

Spring Clean-Up Day, May 6, 2023