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Theology for Ordinary People

Accounting For the Hope That is in Us

Systematic Theology for Ordinary People

Trinity Church

The Venerable Dr. Christopher Brown


The course is an introduction to the Systematic Theology -- the systematic exploration of the content of the Christian faith. We will explore Christian doctrine as an architectonic structure -- like a great Catherdral made up of interlocking parts. Emphasis will also be on theology as a mode of reflection -- a way of thinking -- about God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ an his saving work in history.

Texts: all are available from Trinity's Amazon Store
Basic: Alister  E. McGrath, Theology: The Basics
Advanced: Alister E. McGrath, Christian Theology: An Introduction, 5th edition.
Also Recommended: The Christian Theology Reader


1. October 11 "Faith Seeking Understanding" - What is Theology McGrath, Christian Theology, chapters 5 & 6
2. November 8 "A God who Speaks" - The doctrine of Revelation and Scripture McGrath, Christian Theology, chapters 7 & 8
3 December 13 "Behold it was very good!" - The Doctrine of God and of Creation McGrath, Christian Theology, chapter 9
4. January 10 "God of the Dance" - The Doctrine of the Trinity McGrath, Christian Theology, chapter 10
5. February 14 "True God and True Man" - Jesus Christ McGrath, Christian Theology, chapters 11 & 12
6. March 14 "For us and For Our Salvation" - The Work of Christ McGrath, Christian Theology, chapter 13
7. April 11 "Made in the Image" - The Doctrine of Humanity McGrath, Christian Theology, chapter 14
8. May 9 "Outward and Visible Sign" - The Church and the Sacraments McGrath, Christian Theology, chapters 15 & 16
9. June 13 "A light to the nations" - Christianity and World Religions McGrath, Christian Theology chapters 15 & 16
10. July 11 "In this hope we were saved" - The Doctrine of Last Things McGrath, Christian Theology, chapters 17 & 18

Note: Alister McGrath, Christian Theology: An Introduction begins with a four chapter overviw of the historical development of Christian Doctrine. These chapters are highly recommended and can read concurrently with the chapters that are correlated with the order of lectures above.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact Fr. Christopher, revcab@gmail.com