Usher Coordinator: Mary VanLeuven

A very important job of Trinity ushers is to greet visitors and newcomers, welcoming them to our church family. You represent the ―front line of Trinity Church! Other responsibilities of this ministry fall under the category of logistics:

  • turning on and off the sound system,
  • distributing bulletins,
  • counting and recording those in attendance at each service,
  • arranging for offertory collection and
  • presentation of bread and wine, and
  • directing the flow of communicants to the altar.

After services the ushers need to:

  • straighten cushions,
  • hymnals,
  • prayer books and Bibles,
  • gather up discarded bulletins and place them on the shelf in the Chapel hallway.

Seasonal duties may include:

  • shoveling snow,
  • adjusting windows and ceiling fans for more or less air and
  • ushering at some special weekday services.

As usher coordinator, I am always thankful for those who have so willingly and faithfully volunteered for this ministry. Those who serve are a dedicated group, even to the point of finding replacements for themselves when they are unable to usher. Suddenly several ushers have moved and so there are months with no ushers. If this sounds like a ministry that you might be interested in pursuing, please contact Mary VanLeuven.


  March 2020  
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